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Program Expectations: Physical & Mental Health

The health and safety of our students during a study away experience is a primary concern for our office and for a successful study away experience. Please review the below participant expectations: Physical and Mental Health to understand each program's requirements and expectations for participation.

If you have any questions or concerns about participation, please contact your faculty director or schedule an appointment with SOAR to learn about resources available to you.

MayX 2022
Art & Observation NYC
Canterbury Trails: A Study of Pilgrimage (United Kingdom)
Exploration and Medical Education in Orthopedic Surgery: Arthrex (Naples, FL)
From Soviet Domination to Flourishing  (Czech Republic)
Furman in the Holy Lands
Happiness: Copenhagen
Health & Medicine in a Global Context (Portugal)
Iconic Libraries: From Scriptorium to Google (United Kingdom)
Math & the Mouse: Explorations of Mathematics and Science in Walt Disney World
Media & Culture in Ghana
National Perspectives on Education: SoCal Schooling (Los Angeles)
Opera Overload in NYC
Parks and People: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Religion, Art, & Politics in Turkey
Religious, Ethnic, & National Identities (Czech Republic)
Religious Relations in Italy
Sex Goes to School: Sex Ed in the US and Sweden
The Rhine: Life on the Line (Germany)

Summer 2022
Washington Experience

Fall 2022
British Isles
Brussels Internship Program
Edinburgh Intership Program
Furman in Madrid, Spain
Furman in Rennes, France
Music in Italy

Spring 2023
Furman in Berlin, Germany
London Internship Program
Marine Biology & Ethnobiology of Belize
Religion, Art, & Politics in Greece