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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
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Spring Semester - Washington Experience Washington D.C., United States
Terms: Spring Description: WASHINGTON EXPERIENCE SPRING SEMESTER 2018   OVERVIEW This program provides students from all disciplines the opportunity to build on their knowledge and understanding of politics and its relationship to their own field of study by i mmersing[...]
Fall Semester - Furman in Jerusalem, Israel Jerusalem, Israel
Terms: Fall Description: FURMAN IN JERUSALEM FALL SEMESTER 2017 OVERVIEW This residential semester program provides students with the opportunity to live and study in the city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is at the heart of religious sensibilities for Jews, Christians, and [...]
Fall Semester - Furman in Madrid, Spain Madrid, Spain
Terms: Fall Description: Fall Semester in Spain Fall 2017 OVERVIEW For four decades, the program has been an integral part of the Spanish major and has served non-majors who present sufficient linguistic proficiency to justify their participation. Three of the four co urses[...]
Fall Semester - Furman in Versailles, France Versailles, France
Terms: Fall Description: FURMAN IN VERSAILLES FALL SEMESTER 2017 OVERVIEW The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures proposes a study program in Versailles, France each fall semester. The Furman Fall in Versailles program has been in existence over four d ecades.[...]
Fall Semester - Music in Italy Arezzo, Italy
Terms: Fall Description: MUSIC IN ITALY Fall Term 2017 OVERVIEW 2017 marks the twelfth consecutive year for the Furman Music Department's highly successful study away program, "Music in Italy." Each fall twelve to fourteen students, accompanied by F urman[...]
Fall Semester - Wild Semester (New Mexico & S. Africa) Grahamstown, South Africa; Hermosa, New Mexico, United States
Terms: Fall Description: THE WILD SEMESTER FALL TERM 2017 OVERVIEW The Wild Semester is a 16 week, 4 course program that immerses students in wilderness, adventure, and environmental biology.    Students will live in a remote ghost town on the edge of t he[...]
Fall Semester in the British Isles Aran Islands, Ireland; Ballyliffin, Ireland; Bath, United Kingdom; Belfast, Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Edinburgh, United Kingdom; Galway, Ireland; Lake District, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom; Sligo, Ireland; Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom; York, United Kingdom
Terms: Fall Description: FALL TERM IN THE BRITISH ISLES FURMAN FACULTY-LED FALL SEMESTER PROGRAM OVERVIEW Build memories that will last a lifetime, exploring cultural and literary landmarks and going to the theatre in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. Stu dents[...]
Fall Semester- Brussels Internship Program Brussels, Belgium
Terms: Fall Description: BRUSSELS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM FALL 2017 OVERVIEW Brussels is a prime location for Furman students to experience politics, policy making, international business, and public relations through academically rigorous internships. Students will par ticipate[...]
Furman Study Away Scholarship
Terms: May Ex Scholarship, Semester Scholarship, Wash. DC Scholarship
Description: Study Away Need-Based Scholarship Furman Study Away Scholarships are need-based awards intended to aid students who otherwise would not be able to engage in the study away experience. These are partial scholarships but in no case will they sub sidize[...]
Spring Semester - Brussels Internship Program Brussels, Belgium
Terms: Spring Description: BRUSSELS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM SPRING 2018 OVERVIEW Brussels is a prime location for Furman students to experience politics, policy making, international business, and public relations through academically rigorous internships. Students will p articipate[...]
Spring Semester - Edinburgh Internship Program Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Terms: Spring Description: EDINBURGH INTERNSHIP PROGRAM SPRING SEMESTER 2018 OVERVIEW The Edinburgh Study Away program offers students a semester long academic and internship experience in the capital city of Scotland.  Students will take two elective courses offered [...]
Spring Semester - Furman in Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany
Terms: Spring Description: FURMAN IN BERLIN Spring 2018 NOTE THAT THIS  PROGRAM WILL LAST UNTIL MID-MAY.  THIS MEANS THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ENROLL IN A 2018 MAY EXPERIENCE COURSE. OVERVIEW The Furman in Berlin program is affiliated with the Freie Univ ersität[...]
Spring Semester - Furman in Chile Santiago, Chile
Terms: Spring Description: FURMAN IN CHILE SPRING 2018 OVERVIEW The Chile program is designed to provide Spanish majors and students with substantial coursework in the language with a semester-long immersion experience in Chile’s capital, Santiago. Students enroll [...]
Spring Semester - Latin America Havana, Cuba; Managua, Nicaragua; Oaxaca, Mexico; San Jose, Costa Rica
Terms: Spring Description: FURMAN IN LATIN AMERICA SPRING SEMESTER 2018 OVERVIEW The Latin America Semester Program in 2018 visits four countries (Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica and Nicaragua). The program combines courses from the social sciences (SOC and PSC), Humanities (HST )[...]