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  • Locations: To be determined by student, To be determined by student
  • Program Terms: Fall, Spring
  • Restrictions: Furman applicants only
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:

The application period for this program has not started.
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Program Type: Non-Furman Program
Program Description:

Fall or Spring Semester


What is a "non-Furman" program?  Furman University offers a wide variety of in-house, faculty-led study abroad programs; however, Furman University understands that some students may not be able to find a program that suits their academic needs and interests. Thousands of organizations, institutions and universities are in the business of providing study abroad opportunities to American undergraduates.  The magnitude of choices can be overwhelming.  Furman University has partnerships and agreements with a handful of outside study abroad organizations, and we call these study abroad arrangements "affiliate programs".  The affiliate agreement between Furman and these select institutions is required for federal and state financial aid to be applicable to the semester abroad. For students who choose a "non-Furman program", meaning there is neither Furman faculty involvement, nor an approved affiliate agreement in place, a student's federal, state and institutional aid is non-transferrable. Students will be required to apply for a Leave of Absence from Furman for the semester they are studying abroad at a non-Furman program.


With so many programs to choose from, the Rinker Center for Study Away and International Education at Furman University offers basic advising and can point students in the direction of programs that are reputable.  Students should meet with their academic advisers to discuss their plans as well.

There are many variables to choose from when deciding which program is appropriate:

  • Duration
  • Location
  • Academic Content
  • Transfer of Course Credit
  • Cost of Participation
  • Additional Costs not included in the published fee
  • Living Arrangements
  • Included Activities/Excursions
  • Passport/Visa
  • Opportunities for local immersion
  • Foreign language
  • Internships
Students are encouraged to think about their goals for a semester abroad in relationship to their academic, career, and personal goals. Students who have the most success on non-Furman programs make intentional choices.


All students are welcome to apply for a non-Furman program, but preference will be given to students whose applications provide evidence of academic and personal relevance to a particular program, an eligible GPA (check the program's website for prerequisites), and a general understanding of the program for which they are applying.  Interviews with the Furman University campus adviser for non-Furman programs will be scheduled after the application deadline.

Students must first be approved through Furman to participate in a non-Furman program, and must also apply directly to the program.


Cost of participation will vary by program.  Students will be billed directly by the non-Furman program and will not be responsible for tuition, room and board at Furman for the semester they are away.


Students may not use Federal, State and Institutional Aid towards the cost of the program.


Students will submit both a study away application for Furman University and a separate application for their program or programs of interest.  Students may work on both applications simultaneously; however, most programs require a Furman Study Abroad adviser to give approval before they will accept a student from Furman.  Students are responsible for applying to their non-Furman programs by the appropriate application deadline.

Once students have been accepted by a non-Furman program, students must submit a Transfer Course Authorization Form to the Registrar at Furman in order to be pre-approved to receive credits for the classes he or she will take abroad. Please contact the Registrar at Furman regarding specific questions about this form.

Students must also apply for a leave of absence once they are certain of their plans.

This program is currently not accepting applications.