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Prior to Departure

As you prepare for their study away experience, our office highly encourages you to review the Study Away Handbook to adequately prepare for your departure.

1)  Complete Any Secondary Applications                                                                                                   Students participating on Exchange, Affiliate, Non-Furman and some Faculty-led Semester programs will have to complete a secondary application as part of their program. It is the student's responsibility to complete these applications before the designated deadlines.
2) Complete Your Post-Acceptance Steps For Furman University, students will have to complete a variety of post-acceptance steps including a health-self assessment, passport upload*, and a health professional evaluation* among others.
3) Apply for a Passport/Visa If you are participating in an international program you must have a valid passport. Please review our Passport and Visas page. Please not the regulations and significant time processes for acquiring both passports and visas as you prepare for departure.
4) Attend the Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation Session Every students is required to attend ONE Pre-Departure Orientation Session. Dates are available within the post-acceptance steps and on the Study Away Calendar.