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Application Questions


How do I apply to study away? What is the application deadline?

The deadlines differ between programs, but applications are usually due between November and January of the year preceding the program. See current program application deadlines.

What is the maximum numbers of programs to which I can apply?

You can apply to up to five study away programs. If you are accepted into more than one program, you’ll have the option to choose in which program you want to participate. 

How competitive are Furman’s Study Away programs? How many students are accepted?

Most programs accept 8-25 students, with the majority averaging around 17 students. Depending on the program, they can be quite competitive. Some programs always have a large number of applicants. We recommend talking to the faculty director about a specific program to gauge the competitiveness. Students are not guaranteed to be accepted to any program.

How do I find out what courses are offered in each Study Away program?

Ask the program’s faculty director. Furman Faculty-led programs include 4 courses in a Semester or 2 courses for a May Ex program. Some study away programs include courses enrolled through another university.

I have a major that doesn’t allow for a semester away from Furman. What are my options?

You have a few options. May Experience programs are a good way for students to have an experience abroad if they are required to be on campus for specific courses, sports, or any other reason. You could also participate in a summer program that is not affiliated with Furman.

Does GPA affect whether or not you will be accepted to a program?

Some faculty directors use GPA to choose students for their program, but it is not the sole factor which leads to acceptance or rejection from a program. Affiliate and exchange programs may have GPA requirements. Contact the Center for Study Away and International Education regarding requirements for affiliate or exchange programs.