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Exchange Program Questions

  • What’s the difference between a Faculty-Led program and an Exchange Program?
Furman is partnered with four exchange universities (Japan, The Netherlands, South Africa). When participating in an exchange program, you will enroll directly into one of these universities and take courses that are offered to all students through the university. 
  • Who should participate in an exchange program?
Students who are very confident in their ability to travel alone and feel comfortable in a new setting making friends and attending a new university.
  • What is the deadline to apply for an exchange program?
You can find deadlines on the Study Away website.
  • How competitive are the Exchange Programs?
Depending on the year, the program can be quite competitive. There are also fewer students that apply to these programs, though, because it is a very individualized experience. 
  • How am I billed for an Exchange Program?
You will be billed through Furman for the cost of Furman tuition, and possibly room and board, depending on the agreement. Some agreements only include tuition, and you would be required to pay room and board directly to the exchange university.