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Financial Questions

How much does it cost to study away?
For MayX/Summer programs, tuition is covered in the comprehensive semester fees, so students are charged the actual program costs which can range from $2,500 to about $6,000.
Students participating on a faculty-led or affiliate programs consists of Furman tuition, room and board plus a $250 study away fee. Costs for exchange programs vary. Students should review the Costs/Scholarships section of their program of interest to review what is included within the program fee and its projected additional program costs. Federal, State and Furman financial aid that a student normally receives will apply to these semester programs.
Additional costs can include, but are not limited to: textbooks and course materials, passport/visa (for international programs), immunizations that are not required for entry, personal clothing, footwear, or toiletries, travel or sightseeing expenses not related to the program, souvenirs, and flights (for programs that are not faculty-led).
How will I be billed for this program?
A non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is due by the program confirmation deadline specified in the program's Financial Agreement. The remaining balance for Furman faculty-led and affiliate programs will be billed through your student account.  For exchanges, review your Financial Agreement or program's brochure about payments. Non-Furman program participants will not be billed by Furman and will be billed directly by their program.
How can I pay the deposit or make another payment? 
Students can pay the deposit either physically with a check or online through a credit/debit card or echeck. Checks should be addressed to “Furman University” and should include the student’s ID number in the memo line. Furman does not accept cash. To pay your deposit: go to Do not sign in, rather scroll down the page to “Make a One-Time Payment”. Select “Study Away Deposit” and follow the payment instructions.

The final payment should be directed to the Student Enrollment Center. Payments may be made by check (made payable to "Furman University") or online through Furman's study away payment portal.
My plans have changed and I need to back out of the program. Can I get my money back?
Your deposit is a sign of your commitment to a particular study away program. As such, the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Refunds of final payments will be determined per the cancellation policy stated on your program's Financial Agreement.

You may also review Furman's Refund and Cancellation Policy for further information.

Do I have to pay for housing at Furman while I am on a study away program?
Please see the housing office's website for housing options during your study away program. 

Are there any Study Away scholarships available?
Rinker Center need-based study away scholarships are available for MayX/Summer and semester faculty-led, affiliate and exchange programs. Students intending to apply for a scholarship should be sure that they have a FAFSA report on file with the Financial Aid office for the previous year. Priority is given to students who have not previously participated in a study away program. Townes, Duke, and Hollingsworth Scholars should alert the Rinker Center for Study Away to apply their one-time study away stipend to their study away program.
Students are encouraged to research and apply for outside scholarships. These can include scholarships sponsored through their program provider,, and other resources.

Apply for scholarships early on so that you do not miss any deadlines.