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Transfer Credit


Students who are studying away on a program not led by a Furman faculty member must submit a Transfer Course Authorization Form to Furman’s Registrar Office in advance of the start of their program. The Enrollment Office determines if the proposed course would be credit bearing at Furman University. You may list up to 8 probable courses per form with no limit on the number of submissions. The review process generally takes 3 – 5 weeks so it is essential for you to start the process early. Please note that the Transfer Course Authorization form (approving credit) is separate from Course Registration which occurs usually upon your arrival or one month before through your host institution.

In order to earn the equivalent of four Furman credits, your selected courses should be equivalent to 12 - 16 transferable semester hours (U.S. credits). Students who wish to receive credit from an internship provided outside of a Furman faculty-led program should consult with the Internship Office about requirements and course eligibility.

Furman University requires students to receive a grade of C- or better for courses to transfer. While the approved credit from the course will transfer to your Furman transcript, the grade will not be factored into your Furman GPA.
When applying to Affiliate or non-Furman study away programs, students must request and receive the official "school of record" transcript from the partner institution. The fee associated with obtaining the school of record is the responsibility of the student. Students should have all transcript sent to Furman University’s Enrollment Services center.

For further information and regulations around transfer credits, please visit Enrollment Services Transfer Credit page.