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August 26, 2019: New Course Proposals for MayX 2020 & Summer 2020 Due
August 27, 2019: 
Study Away Proposals and Budget Proposals for ALL 2020-2021 Programs Due
September 27, 2019: New Course Proposals for Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 Due


Ghana lecture

Art and Religion Class


Step 1A: Talk to your department chair to get authorization for your course and time away.
Step 1B: Talk to a staff member in the Rinker Center for Study Away and International Education.
Step 2: Submit your program proposal by using the appropriate link below. You may renew a program that has been approved since 2015.
  • Faculty Proposing Study Away Programs for Fall 2020, Spring 2021, MayX 2020, or Summer Session I/II of 2020: Complete a study away program proposal by August 27, 2019
Step 3: Submit all new courses through the course proposal system. New course proposals are due to the Curriculum Committee by August 26.
Step 4: Obtain approval from the department chair, Study Away Committee, and Curriculum Committee. The faculty will then vote on new programs.

             MayX 2020 Program Proposal Document                             Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Program Proposal Document    
                    MayX Study Away Proposal                                         Semester or Summer Proposal
Making Payments:
Send all requests for payments (invoices, wire transfers, check requests) to Cassie Klatka and Ben Efird. Please make sure to include the appropriate forms listed on this page.

Spend Authorization in Workday: Submit and get approval prior to using your Furman credit card to make a purchase.

Domestic Payments
W-9 (required for all domestic payments made by check)

International Payments
W-8BEN (Individuals) & W-8BEN Instructions (required for all international payments made by invoice or wire transfer)
W-8BEN-E (Entities) & W-8BEN-E Instructions (required for all international payments made by invoice or wire transfer)
Wire Transfer Form (required for all wire transfers)

While Away:
JP Morgan Chase (for verifying TAP charges)
Expense Tracking Spreadsheet (for tracking your cash and TAP expenses)
Honorarium Form (for international programs only when paying non-US citizens for lectures)
Student Cash Disbursement Form
Recruiting Students:
When recruiting students think about ways to advertise your program: post flyers and share with Study Away; post on social media; host information sessions; participate in the Study Away Fair.

Study Away Fair
Family Weekend
Saturday, September 21, 2019
Watkins Trone Student Center

Selecting Students:
Study Away Application Portal
Study Away Application Portal Instructions