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Affiliate Program Questions

  • What’s the difference between a Faculty-Led program and an Affiliate Program?
Affiliate programs are third-party providers that Furman has partnered with to offer more opportunities to Furman students who are seeking to study abroad. They are not led by a Furman faculty member.
  • Do I have to apply through Furman to participate in an Affiliate Program? What is the deadline?
Yes, you must apply through the Study Away website by the Furman application deadline. After acceptance through Furman, you will apply directly to the affiliate program. 
  • How competitive are the Affiliate Programs?
Depending on the affiliate program, it can be quite competitive. Check with the contact listed on the affiliate's study away program page on the study away website.
  • How much does it cost to participate in an Affiliate Program? Can my financial aid apply?
The affiliate program will cost whatever the price of the program (tuition, room, and board) that is listed on the affiliate program’s website plus a $500 Study Away Fee charged by Furman. Federal and State Aid is transferrable if you fill out a Consortium Agreement. You will not pay Furman tuition, room, or board for the semester that you are away.
  • How do I get credit for classes that I take while on an Affiliate Program?
You must have the courses pre-approved before taking them in order for them to transfer back in and receive credit by filling out the Transfer Course Authorization form. If you are seeking to receive major credit, you must have the Department Chair sign the form. If you would like credit for a GER, you must indicate which GER you are trying to fulfill on the form.
  • How am I billed for an Affiliate Program?
The affiliate program first bills Furman for the cost of your tuition, room, and board. Furman then bills you, the student, for the cost of the program minus federal or state aid (if you have filled out the Consortium Agreement.) You will pay Furman directly.